Monday, July 7, 2008

you say it's your birthday

My darling baby sister rolled all sevens when she was born ~ 7/7/77. I imagine she didn't feel all that lucky growing up with a perfectionist know-it-all sister who had spent nearly nine years as an only child, but she makes one glorious aunt to my kids so something must have gone well.

Focus on that adorable girl in the pink dress and stop staring at my weirdly plump hair and the tree sticking out of my head.

Ah, sweetness & light, where have ye gone?

Another unfortunate encounter with the maniac big sister who thought dressing up a 7 year old as Cyndi Lauper was a great idea. (Even more unfortunate? I actually wore all of those clothing items at some point)

Much better, all grown up.

Love you, little sis!


Unknown said...

HEY!!!! Today is my birthday, but I am 7/7/76....

Tell your sister I said Happy Birthday to US!

Texasholly said...

Love the tree out of the head shot!

Happy birthday sis.

~michelle said...

You have been a fabulous sister to me!! I am very lucky! And thank you for the tribute blog today :)

Though that light & sweet picture, if you remember correctly as soon as grandma & I got back from Mt. V to pick them up, I threw them away, mom was upset and confused I would do that. I only look sweet and innocent!

love you!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy Birthday.

I hope your parents didn't pay the photographer who was so inept as not to check that something from the background was growing out of your head--that's Photography 101!

LarryG said...

joy in the love and love the joy!

Stu said...

Happy Birthday Shel.


JCK said...

Happy Birthday to your little sister!

And I'm still in shock over that sparkling tub of yours. Yes, yes, you said it had only beeen used once at the time of the photo. Yeah. Right. said...

COOL birthday! That must get a lot of comments when she fills out forms and such.

Happy birthday to your sis!

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Bad Sis! Party down. (And I do have to think that that's just about the luckiest day ever to be born. You must do well in Vegas.)

holly said...

happy birthday!

and it's "growed" . . . "all growed up"...

happy to help.

~Swankymama said...

I had a dress almost like that!

Janet said...

wow, WHAT a great birthday! Happy birthday to your sis :-)

shrink on the couch said...

What a nice tribute!

Happy birthday to your sis!

7/7 is also my very good friend's birthday.

Lots of great women born on this day!!

P.S. Apparently you got that tree removed from your head, either that or you're a good photo-shopper.

~michelle said...

Thanks for all the b'day wishes... strangers that read my sister's blog & my fabulous bro-in-law!!

Much more that I got from some of my friends & doo-mass "b'friend"!! Sheesh!!

You're blogger friends ROCK!!

And I do need to take a spin in Vegas sometime... maybe I'll be lucky!!

dkuroiwa said...

Hey...I hope your sis had a great birthday!!! July 7 is a good day for a birthday...a day here in Japan full of hopes and's the "Star Festival"...and my Mom's birthday too!!
Happy Birthday to all onthis day!!!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Happy birthday to the girl who rolled all the lucky numbers.

Hope it was happy and the beginning of good things.

Restless Ink said...

What a cool birthday day! Happy belated little sis!


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