Monday, July 7, 2008

you say it's your birthday

My darling baby sister rolled all sevens when she was born ~ 7/7/77. I imagine she didn't feel all that lucky growing up with a perfectionist know-it-all sister who had spent nearly nine years as an only child, but she makes one glorious aunt to my kids so something must have gone well.

Focus on that adorable girl in the pink dress and stop staring at my weirdly plump hair and the tree sticking out of my head.

Ah, sweetness & light, where have ye gone?

Another unfortunate encounter with the maniac big sister who thought dressing up a 7 year old as Cyndi Lauper was a great idea. (Even more unfortunate? I actually wore all of those clothing items at some point)

Much better, all grown up.

Love you, little sis!