Tuesday, July 8, 2008

good dog

Since the end of the school year, we have been petsitting for a friend in a transition. This was a great opportunity for terrorizing our cat trying out dog ownership as a family; Stu & I had dogs before children, but the kids have not yet known the immense responsibility of feeding, watering, playing, scooping poop, playing, letting out, letting in, and did I mention playing? involved with dogs.
Meet Chloe.
She's ready to play. Again.

Rocky loves her like a sister.
If by "sister" we mean "terrorist invading my home."

Chloe is an extraordinarily well-behaved dog, especially for a two-year old. But like any dog/two-year old, boredom leads to creative entertainments. For example, chewing up various toys left on the stairs.

These were apparently the least appetizing parts.

There was also a container of blue Silly Putty involved. She must have known we were waiting for just the right time to replace the carpet on our stairs...

Yesterday, Chloe went to live with a new family. It's pretty amazing how quickly good dogs will settle into a place in your heart. We only knew her for a few weeks but already we miss Chloe's happy wiggling when we came home, her barely contained mania when the kids took her outside, her unconditional love of all things (excepting the unfortunate Clifford, dinosaurs, and Count Dooku). Even Rocky established a begrudging acceptance of her, as long as he could spend some time each day lying in the middle of her bed.

Good girl, Chloe.