Sunday, January 11, 2009

addictive personality who?

My dear Happy Hour Homegirl Shana invited me to air five addictions. This could not possibly be an easier assignment; I am all about obsessions/compulsions/nutty behaviors. So here are just a few for your analysis:
  1. Must know the time at, well, all times. I have 11 watches, 12 clocks in the house (not counting stove, microwave, or computers), and 3 clocks in my classroom.
  2. Must know the date at all times. There are only 6 calendars in our home and 2 at school right now because it's still early - I'll stock up when they go on clearance.
  3. Must have black tea [with loads of turbinado sugar] everyday, preferably with best friends at kitchen counters.
  4. TV show du jour - Dexter right now, soon LOST and Survivor again.
  5. Goodwill shopping (which really incorporates other addictions such as shoes, baskets & boxes, school supplies, and, um, clocks).

I'm feeling slackerish so I invite whomever feels addictive to please say so in comments and run with this.

Gotta get to bed now, because I know what time it is.


katydidnot said...

shocked about the date and time thing. not really.

1. laptop lover
2. my phone, not for phone type reasons though.
3. jack black lip balm
4. special k
5. bracelets

LarryG said...

time and date I am all over, but having cell phone/technology obsession has overtaken those, date and time is right there on my (always charge it overnight) cell phone.

The black tea with friends is perfect! Sweet obsessions are the very best and totally always in style.

I am only hooked on Sarah Connor Chronicles for now, maybe I'll get the teen to record one of these, don't know if I have time for other TV obsessing :) what with sports to boot.

Another positivity Goodwill shopping, I must do more of this -

thanks for sharing - you Steph are
"So Blessed, to be Obsessed" :)

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

The calendars and clocks thing cracks me up. Zack is following in your footsteps.

(He goes nuts if the clocks are off slightly. I mean seconds. Racing from room to room, until I beg him to please stop.)

I'm crazy for hot water: Showers, baths, tea...

Especially in the winter.

Moxy Jane said...

Lists. I'm addicted to LISTS!! Going over to my blog to make one right now!!

Restless Ink said...

Love this post as I love addictions and have so many!

LOST - OMG - that is my husband and I's new addiction. We've been doing the Netflix thing and just finished Season 2 (2 seasons down in 1.5 months!) No different than drug addicts: black circles under our eyes from staying up late every night indulging in our drug of choice. Obsessing day and night over when we'll get our next fix.

Total addicts. So happy to hear we're not the only ones.

Shana said...

Can wait for Lost to come back! Haven't watched last nights 24 yet, but that's one you should check out. Keifer. Yum.

I rarely know what time it is. When I check the time, it is almost always "Oh crap, Carlie got out of school five minutes ago." Or "Holy cow! How did it get this late!"

3 Bay B Chicks said...

OMG! I found your blog through Mom-101 and I must say we are best friends. When I read your first three I thought I was reading a bio on myself. I LOVE clocks and calendars. My husband always makes fun of me because he can ask me what time I went to bed and I always know the exact time...10:24. (I know I'm pathetic, but I can not stay up to 11!) My motto: one can never have too many. Love your picture with your post by the way. Hilarious.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

It's kacey, btw of the three baybchicks.

San Diego Momma said...

Goodwill ROCKS!

Just had to say it.

(And so do you!)

AngelConradie said...

in no particular order...
1. cupcakes, baking not eating
2. labello, the hydro care one
3. maybelline mascara, every single day
4. sunglasses, always on my head or on my face
5. photography... i feel very strange if i'm not at work and my camera is not near at hand or in my hand at all times!

JCK said...

I'm with you on the black tea with lots of sugar, although I add half & half, too... Love to have tea time with girlfriends, too.

OK, I'm loving all over the place here, but LOVE the new blog look.

Melanie Sheridan said...

Lost! So excited it's coming back. I will be turning off the home phone, cell, computer (maybe) and locking kid in a closet.


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