Sunday, January 11, 2009

addictive personality who?

My dear Happy Hour Homegirl Shana invited me to air five addictions. This could not possibly be an easier assignment; I am all about obsessions/compulsions/nutty behaviors. So here are just a few for your analysis:
  1. Must know the time at, well, all times. I have 11 watches, 12 clocks in the house (not counting stove, microwave, or computers), and 3 clocks in my classroom.
  2. Must know the date at all times. There are only 6 calendars in our home and 2 at school right now because it's still early - I'll stock up when they go on clearance.
  3. Must have black tea [with loads of turbinado sugar] everyday, preferably with best friends at kitchen counters.
  4. TV show du jour - Dexter right now, soon LOST and Survivor again.
  5. Goodwill shopping (which really incorporates other addictions such as shoes, baskets & boxes, school supplies, and, um, clocks).

I'm feeling slackerish so I invite whomever feels addictive to please say so in comments and run with this.

Gotta get to bed now, because I know what time it is.