Thursday, June 18, 2009

what the world needs now

Larry at Yesterday, Today and Forever implores his readers to write love letters every Thursday. I always think it's a fine idea but have never done it until today, as I am preparing to release this year's students into the school-free paradise of summer. After a strangely difficult quarter, more sunshine in May than is legally allowed in Washington State, and 5 (FIVE) extra days tacked on because of snow, I feel the need to find some love and share it.

Dear Renegades,

Your surly teenage attitudes and disdainful eye rolls do not fool me. I know you look forward to my classes, if only to hear me pronounce 'wh' words properly or watch me straighten the books you've intentionally misaligned on the shelves.

And I look forward to your presence each day (yes, even yours). When you actually look in my general direction as I start to speak, my heart is warmed by the attention. When understanding glances across your blank stare, I shiver. When your hand goes up to volunteer, I feel weak and must sit down.

Tomorrow we part for 10 weeks [73 days to be exact]. I will be counting the hours [1752], the minutes [105,120] in anticipation of our next meeting. My hope is that your feelings for me will not change, that when we see each other again [in 73 days] you will experience the same thrill of the past year. I know I will be weeping on the eve of September 2nd.

Mrs. S


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Reading in the park must have cured my despair over crazy kids because 10 weeks now seems way too short.

(Last night that sounded far too long. What a night...)

73 measly days. No wonder it always feels too short.

apathy lounge said...

I could have written the same letter to the kids I work with...only you say it so much better.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love that you left it open-ended. Weeping for joy? Or weeping in sorrow? You'll probably be able to give a better answer in a couple of weeks.

LarryG said...

this seems just right to me!
you may want to gate your driveway and notify the mail'person' you will be receiving tons of snail mail when the kids read this one they will be blown away. especially those when "understanding glances" at your web!
way to go BadMom.
Good to see your sentimental streak has not been jaded by the teaching profession!


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