Thursday, June 18, 2009

what the world needs now

Larry at Yesterday, Today and Forever implores his readers to write love letters every Thursday. I always think it's a fine idea but have never done it until today, as I am preparing to release this year's students into the school-free paradise of summer. After a strangely difficult quarter, more sunshine in May than is legally allowed in Washington State, and 5 (FIVE) extra days tacked on because of snow, I feel the need to find some love and share it.

Dear Renegades,

Your surly teenage attitudes and disdainful eye rolls do not fool me. I know you look forward to my classes, if only to hear me pronounce 'wh' words properly or watch me straighten the books you've intentionally misaligned on the shelves.

And I look forward to your presence each day (yes, even yours). When you actually look in my general direction as I start to speak, my heart is warmed by the attention. When understanding glances across your blank stare, I shiver. When your hand goes up to volunteer, I feel weak and must sit down.

Tomorrow we part for 10 weeks [73 days to be exact]. I will be counting the hours [1752], the minutes [105,120] in anticipation of our next meeting. My hope is that your feelings for me will not change, that when we see each other again [in 73 days] you will experience the same thrill of the past year. I know I will be weeping on the eve of September 2nd.

Mrs. S