Monday, May 17, 2010

male call

Since everyone's clear on how much I love my actual husband, and we're all aware of my obsessive-compulsive behavior about collecting Potential Second Husbands and/or Fantasy Flings, I offer an addendum to my previous lists.

New darlings on my radar, for your pleasure:

The precious Sharlto Copley -
Newbie actor who blew me away with District 9,
now taking on the freaktastic role of Murdock in the new A-Team movie.

Beyond precious Matthew Goode -
Has somehow escaped my attention until Leap Year,
which was shamelessly predictable & manipulative yet irresistible. So...good(e).

Not much satisfies like a sexy funny guy,
a la
Seth Meyers of SNL. Make me laugh...Or, something.


And my latest ridiculous crush, local musician Robin Jackson -
Not only talented but a
hottie sweetheart in person and so far completely unfazed by my stalking.
Please, do share your latest finds in the male box...


Melanie Sheridan said...

He's not new but Blair Underwood is back on TV. Luscious!

Kay said...

a "male box" worth opening! :)

lisahgolden said...

Hubba hubba. I'm serious. And my word verification is woodini. It's code, right?

brandy101 said...

Hmm, my word verification is "gampi" so perhaps my crush should be an older guy?


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