Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am the worst kind of woman, according to Harry - high maintenance who thinks she's low maintenance. But really, I have been aware of this since first seeing the movie when I was 21 and just starting to officially date The Man Who Would Become My Husband, so does that let me off the hook some? I have a metacognition thing going on with myself - I sit down resolutely to do exactly what essential task I need to do and realize I should have tea. Which means I should clean the kitchen while water boils. Which means I should sweep while the tea steeps. Which leads me to realize we need a new broom. So I make a list of all the new things we need before I race off to Target, wait no, Goodwill first. Where I take a few minutes to "just look around" for some items that would be great for my classroom. Then I remember the essential task I need to finish, at home, and head back to get it done. But first, I should get dinner started (and luckily the kitchen is already clean)...

This Man Who Became My Husband knows that I must:
  • Smell everything before I taste it
  • Taste (therefore smell) anything he plans to eat or drink
  • Insist he has a jacket when we go out
  • Plan extensively, even if we don't actually end up doing anything I planned
  • Use certain dishes for certain foods
  • Have popcorn at the movie theater, even if I've just eaten a fulfilling meal minutes before
  • Drink my Pepsi from a glass, with ice (preferably crushed)
  • Wrap presents, even if they'll be opened within moments
  • Sort laundry and load the dishwasher in a particular way
  • Read while I brush my teeth
  • Match undergarments, shoes, and glasses with outfits
  • Stop at most garage sales
  • Obsess over various secret boyfriends, for fun

And I love him so.