Monday, May 17, 2010

male call

Since everyone's clear on how much I love my actual husband, and we're all aware of my obsessive-compulsive behavior about collecting Potential Second Husbands and/or Fantasy Flings, I offer an addendum to my previous lists.

New darlings on my radar, for your pleasure:

The precious Sharlto Copley -
Newbie actor who blew me away with District 9,
now taking on the freaktastic role of Murdock in the new A-Team movie.

Beyond precious Matthew Goode -
Has somehow escaped my attention until Leap Year,
which was shamelessly predictable & manipulative yet irresistible. So...good(e).

Not much satisfies like a sexy funny guy,
a la
Seth Meyers of SNL. Make me laugh...Or, something.


And my latest ridiculous crush, local musician Robin Jackson -
Not only talented but a
hottie sweetheart in person and so far completely unfazed by my stalking.
Please, do share your latest finds in the male box...