Tuesday, January 23, 2007

gloria steinem wept

At the risk of losing my highly-regarded "bad mom" status, I must relay the words of my young son upon hearing about Hillary Clinton's step into the presidential race.

First of all, it starts with a bad mom/good mom situation - I was letting him play the odious GameBoy in the car for a few minutes, but I had the radio on NPR while we drove to the library. As we came to a stop, the announcer played Hillary's clip about "beginning a conversation" and Mason pipes up from the back seat - still feverishly pushing buttons, mind you - with "A GIRL wants to be the president?"

I immediately pictured Ms. Clinton recoiling at being called a girl and gently replied, "Yes, a woman is thinking about running for president. Does that surprise you?"

Frenetic sounds of MarioKart. "Uh huh." Alright, so much for a meaningful conversation about history and politics with this 8-year old. But then, again with no pause in the game, "I think it would be cool to have a girl [cringe] president."

"Why do you think it would be cool?" I decide we'll discuss the differences between girls and women and who likes to be called what at a later time...

And here is my moment of Super Mom pride: "Because girls think before they act."

Huh. A self-aware male in my midst? What have I done to deserve this? Wait a minute...what do you want from me, buddy?