Monday, January 22, 2007

sick day

Get out your antibacterial gel, it's gonna be a grimy read today...

Yesterday I was actually ill with a real, recognizable bug that caused me to miss church AND football - that is serious, people. Today, however, I am simply grouchy and it has infected my day (you should now be slathering the germ combatant of your choice all over your exposed body).

There is no one to blame for my grouchiness, which of course makes me more grouchy because finding fault with others is cheering. Let me try to discover a worthy scapegoat...

Some dopey girl posted on The Compact bulletin board a bunch of "disturbing facts" for us to ponder. First of all, "disturbing facts" are not what we Compactors need - we are looking for ways to stop shopping like lunatics, that is all. Secondly, polar bears being left-handed is NOT a disturbing fact! What is wrong with this person?? She is a good source of my foul mood.

The pointy-faced woman walking in the parking lot at Target (I purchased only allowable hygiene products! And a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - for the mood...So really it's medicinal). I slowed down and motioned her to cross, which apparently translated as "Please walk as slowly as you possibly can in your ridiculous stilettos while your small child freezes to death in the cart without a jacket." Candidate #2.

The checkout lady at Goodwill wouldn't let me buy the wooden hangers I found in the .49 bin because they belong to the store. Shoppers routinely take linens off them and toss the hangers into said bin. Stupid shoppers.

At Wild Oats, a different, white-haired, not remotely cute old man was working in the dairy section. And I even had occasion to ask about getting 1% milk, but NO CUTE DAIRY GUY! I think we have a winner for cause of my stinky attitude.

The good news is I only bought one gallon of milk and forgot potatoes. So check back tomorrow, but don't forget the antibacterial gel...just in case.