Monday, March 19, 2007

lunatic fringe

Sometimes I genuinely question my sanity. I innately like routine - I enjoy making lists, arranging errands so they are completed most efficiently, scheduling the same chores for the same day & time each week. Yet there is a part of me that scoffs at this perfectionist, goody-goody, decidedly unspontaneous self, and this part of me not only tries to resist but actually argues with the other one. I'm pretty sure I am mere moments away from doing this out loud, becoming that crazy lady on the street corner who barks and growls at passersby. Lately I have felt more understanding toward people like that, wanting to sit on the sidewalk and share rants, maybe a sandwich. This disconnect from reality often happens when 1) I'm entering a hormonally imbalanced zone, and 2) I am facing great change in my world. No comment on #1. Regarding #2, I have decided to run for PTA president, and I'm desperately seeking a classroom of my own next year, yet I'm currently also committed to co-leading Paige's Brownie troop, teaching youth group at church, creating the Library Friends newsletter, volunteering for Make-A-Wish, keeping up with my book group, and being a fabulous wife & mother. Oh, and every now & again I like to shower, and eat. So. Something's gotta give, right? Here's hoping it's not my mind.