Monday, May 21, 2007


Who knew my kid's vomitous misfortune would be a Godsend today? I mean, being awakened just after midnight by "Mo--bllugghh" is hardly grounds for celebration, especially when it's followed by hourly awakenings (less dramatic and messy, however, thanks to the old 'bowl in the bed' tactic). With each attempt to go back to sleep I pondered a different scenario for today, but kept coming back to 'just stay home' as my favorite. After the Friday night printing bonanza followed by Saturday's kid, garage sale, and auction duties (yes, garage sale shopping was a duty - it's spring! And I found a Banana Republic wool coat for a dollar! Look at all these exclamation points!!) plus post-function recap until 2 am, I was dog tired. As long as 'dog tired' means my eyelids weighed 20 lbs. and I couldn't complete a coherent sentence with more than four words.

So after my initial consternation at having to rise, rinse, repeat every 45 minutes in the dead of night, I began to realize this situation was perfect for a bad mom stretched taut with so much teaching & PTA and too little sleep & quality kid time. If we can define 'quality time' as sitting together watching endless hours of Veggie Tales & Disney movies (Mason watching/reciting, me surfing & blogging) and staying hydrated. I guess Paige has to hope for this to be a contagious illness and not food poisoning if she's looking forward to hanging with mom before Friday...And that means I had better make some actual lesson plans for this week in case the sub needs a sub again. Life is hard.