Tuesday, May 22, 2007

bet you can't eat just one...hundred

Behold my rationalization of eating a (largish) bowlful of Lay's Potato Chips in the last 10 minutes...(This really should be over at A-Lister, but I'm here now and feeling lazy, so let's deal with it).

  • My mom bought them and left them here. We can't let them get all stale and rancid, after she graciously gave them to us to enjoy. That would be ungrateful and downright mean-spirited. I am not an ungrateful daughter. Nor a mean-spirited one.

  • They are, after all, made with heart-healthy sunflower oil. Who doesn't love a sunflower? It can't be bad for me.

  • Lay's is part of Frito-Lay, which was started by a Texan (Texans are generally cool; some have ruined it for others, but I digress), and they have a distribution center near my town so technically I'm supporting the local economy.

  • Frito-Lay is part of PepsiCo, makers of my secret guilty pleasure drink (the one that can be consumed around minors, that is) and, I'll have you know, a company committed to the health and well-being of America! See here, doubters.

  • Pepsi has a strangely hypnotic website.................Huh? Oh, that doesn't really have anything to do with this bowl of chips I'm devouring, I guess. But it was really cool. Check it out and keep the music on, especially if you visit the Nigeria link...Magnetic, I tell you.

  • They just taste delicious, so light and salty, a softly satisfying crunch that doesn't stab my gums. I bet they're laced with the same crack as the Chipotle chips. Somehow I'm not caring so much. Bad momness in action.

Thanks for joining me on my journey into the depths of junk food hell. Now, don't you desperately want a bag of Lay's? Let's see what my ad looks like after this post. (Shhhh - I didn't mention that! It's against the rules). Eat chips. Be happy. And a little bad.