Saturday, July 7, 2007

brevity, wit...whatever

Make a short story long, that is what I do best (witness previous blog entries - you thought you could do it in just a minute, huh? HA!). And this post is no exception. What I really need to do is put together my Rockin' Air Band but that takes much more thought & energy than is at my disposal right now. (Really, do I ever have thought & energy to dispose of? But I digress, surprisingly...). However, there is a contest ending tonight that I must enter or else my psyche will not let me sleep for days, and that would end badly.

It is the "Say It in 7" contest and I love it; it makes me think in smaller chunks (definitely a good thing). This is a great idea with many roots; the one I used in my creative writing class (which held us to six words - I get an extra now, woohoo!) came from a piece Hemingway wrote that he supposedly considered his best work. And if Hemingway can create something brief, by God so can I. For your consideration:

Something smells weird. Hey, where's the cat?

Must go now. Tell them the truth.

Now you do it. But I haven't left you with much time...Sorry about that.

Rules: Each story must have only 7 words. You may, however, add a “by” followed by a fake author’s name, if it adds something to your story. Two entries max, per person. All entries must be received by 11:59pm (MT) on 7-7-07. Go here for more important info.
Prizes: First place - $10 Fandango bucks OR $10 Barnes and Noble gift card (winner picks); Second Place - $5 Barnes and Noble gift card; Third Place - $5 Barnes and Noble gift card; Booby Prize - The recipe for my Almost Famous Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies.