Saturday, July 7, 2007

words again, but one at a time

So I was tagged by my good friend Mama Milton (who will be in that Rockin' Girl Blogger air band I keep blabbing about...stay tuned!) a million years ago. Not really sure about the rules, and I had to look up the word 'meme' to be sure I was pronouncing it right, but here goes.

Where is your cell phone? charging
Relationship? precious
Your hair? highlighted
Work? infrequent
Your sister? partying (she's turning 30 today!)
Your favorite thing? reading
Your dream last night? marked (hehee)
Your favorite drink? tea
Your dream car? roomy
The room you’re in? jen's (not in a weird way)
Your shoes? slippers
Your fears? pain
What do you want to be in 10 years? content
Who did you hang out with this weekend? peeps
What are you not good at? waiting
Muffin? poppyseed
One of your wish list items? vacations (plural!)
Where you grew up? island
Last thing you did? lessonplan
What are you wearing? clothes
What aren’t you wearing? lipstick
Your pet? stu
Your computer? presario (it sounds so impressive & regal)
Your life? beautiful
Your mood? better
Missing? sam
What are you thinking about right now? tomorrow
Your car? dirty
Your kitchen? tiny
Your summer? hopeful
Your favorite color? scarlet
Last time you laughed? now
Last time you cried? wednesday
School? joy
Love? everyday

I'll tag Suz, hoping she hasn't already done it in the seven days since I've been in the cyberuniverse. Ready, set, go.