Monday, July 9, 2007

flick your bic

As promised, and I know you were near tears from the wait, here is my Rockin' Girl Blogger Air Band.

First, a thankful shout out to Suz for putting me in her band, and I will reciprocate BUT she must know there are NO flutes in rock bands. Jethro Tull is the music piped into Hell, I'm pretty sure; NO flutes! Undoubtedly, she is a lovely flutist (flautist?) but in this air band, she's on keyboard and vocals.

My fellow mom-in-suburbia Lisa at Mama Milton seems like a drummer-type. I'm not sure what I mean by that. Maybe because she is quiet but strong & clever, cute but unassuming - think Roger Taylor in Duran Duran or Ringo Starr.

Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos at Finding Yourself Despite Yourself (you must love this title) seems right for lead guitar and vocals. She's young, hip, and outspoken - perfect.

Because it seems I should be in my own band, I'll stick with bass where Suz had me. It's fun to entertain the idea that I might be able to play an instrument; I could be totally cool and play left-handed & upside-down like Jimi Hendrix, too. God knows no one wants me singing...

Rock on, ladies. We salute you.