Monday, July 9, 2007

somebody stop me

Look at me, in the form of a candy-coated chocolate treat. Aren't I delicious? You do it, too! Go here.Okay, going to bed now.


Catherine said...

LOL! That's really fun. Its nice to "meet" you, bad mom. :)

Suzanne said...

Cool idea! I made one of me... I actually look hotter as a green, chocolate candy. I think it's the long white gloves. I'm going to start wearing long white gloves around in real life. With jeans and a tshirt.

Bliss said...

i'm running over to check it out RIGHT now. LOL

Bliss said...

argggggggggggggghhhhh! now that i've made one, how the heck do i save it to my hard drive? i did the download but where did i download it to???

thanks! '-)


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