Thursday, July 19, 2007

long way home

(Author's note: Wrote this on the plane Thursday; posted from home after two days of recovery/shopping at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale/reading new Harry Potter)

I'm stuck in one of those 'bad news/good news' scenarios. You know - Bad news: I'm being chased by bandits! Good news: They all look like Gael Garcia Bernal!

I have to itemize the contents of our lost toiletries bag, which is not only tedious (I am so high maintenance) but also sad (I'd packed my awesome 'fierce chick' necklace in there). Yet - good news! - Stu loaded my fun new playlists onto the iPod and I'm listening to the "lovey dovey" mix. I just took a moment to lip sync some Olivia Newton-John and am now groovin' to Elvis Costello.

Bad news: Still stuck in 24D for another 3 hours. Good news: I'm watching a movie of my choice as soon as the kids finish TMNT - that's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for you unhip grown-ups out there (Yeah, I had to be told, too. Followed by a "Duh.")

Okay, back to listing all the amenities I had taken for granted (Bad news). But it's almost time for our in-flight meal- good news! I hope...