Monday, July 16, 2007

travelin' gal

Lists from the trip, pre-kayak panic attack (more later, thankfully not on the 11 o'clock news).

delusions on the airplane

- my children would be models of filial harmony, politeness, & common sense
- i would love reading magazines for 5 hours straight
- no babies would scream relentlessly
- my laptop battery would not die
- the mexican chicken meal would be delicious
- i packed all the right books for my children's enjoyment
- i would not have cause to believe the adorable couple next to us was having sex under their blankets
- someone might give me a backrub (without following it with a request to imitate the adorable couple)
- i would not be asked 57 times when we would get there
- the variations of solitaire offered by microsoft games would not numb my brain within 10 minutes
- stu & i might agree on a movie to watch together that didn't involve guns, profanity, and chasing (alas, 'the namesake' lost to 'smokin aces' - thus, i write)
- surely i couldn't eat an entire dozen chocolate chip cookies before we land

on the sunny side

- our bags were not searched by dogs or grouchy guards
- i was able to buy gum before we boarded (i can't get the following space to go away! sorry for the bad formatting; hope it doesn't make you as crazy as it makes me. i need medication for this i think...)

- we had a window seat, plus one empty spot in our row for stretching
- there was very little complaining about food & drink choices (by adults and children alike)
- the digEplayer 5500 was a Godsend and bargain at $15 (even though i didn't get to watch my movie *sigh*)
- the screaming baby was silenced after about 20 minutes (i did not ask a mom of former infants i condone everything short of violence, including hard liquor in small doses)
- gameboy batteries last a long time
- we're landing in hawaii!