Monday, July 16, 2007

travelin' gal

Lists from the trip, pre-kayak panic attack (more later, thankfully not on the 11 o'clock news).

delusions on the airplane

- my children would be models of filial harmony, politeness, & common sense
- i would love reading magazines for 5 hours straight
- no babies would scream relentlessly
- my laptop battery would not die
- the mexican chicken meal would be delicious
- i packed all the right books for my children's enjoyment
- i would not have cause to believe the adorable couple next to us was having sex under their blankets
- someone might give me a backrub (without following it with a request to imitate the adorable couple)
- i would not be asked 57 times when we would get there
- the variations of solitaire offered by microsoft games would not numb my brain within 10 minutes
- stu & i might agree on a movie to watch together that didn't involve guns, profanity, and chasing (alas, 'the namesake' lost to 'smokin aces' - thus, i write)
- surely i couldn't eat an entire dozen chocolate chip cookies before we land

on the sunny side

- our bags were not searched by dogs or grouchy guards
- i was able to buy gum before we boarded (i can't get the following space to go away! sorry for the bad formatting; hope it doesn't make you as crazy as it makes me. i need medication for this i think...)

- we had a window seat, plus one empty spot in our row for stretching
- there was very little complaining about food & drink choices (by adults and children alike)
- the digEplayer 5500 was a Godsend and bargain at $15 (even though i didn't get to watch my movie *sigh*)
- the screaming baby was silenced after about 20 minutes (i did not ask a mom of former infants i condone everything short of violence, including hard liquor in small doses)
- gameboy batteries last a long time
- we're landing in hawaii!


Anonymous said...

We're so glad you made it there intact. Sorry about your loss of "personal items" in the Hawaiian luggage system.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Posts on a plane. So impressive.

Hope you are having a great time. (By the way, I sometimes have formatting problems too. I go back and 'fix' it. It still looks the same. It'll be ok.)

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to read the next installment. I try to travel with really low means that I am freqeuntly pleasantly surpirsed by how 'not bad' it is :)

Happy vaacationing!-Karolyn

Suzanne said...

The thing I hate about traveling is when I forget to wear socks and I have to take my shoes off in the security line and my neurotic brain thinks it can FEEL the athlete's foot germs climbing off the floor onto my feet. Ick!

Have a fantastic time!! Post lots of pictures!


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