Friday, July 27, 2007

trying hard

If you see me and I look a little tense, realize it's not you, it's me. I am doing my best to not be aggravated by every single thing in the world. It's hard right now (see previous posts). It'll be over soon, and I will no longer grouse about such things as the various helmet- and sport ball-shaped stickers proclaiming kids' names on SUV windows, or the driver who slows down for the nonexistent stop sign at the intersection in front of me, or the baristas who always change the wording of my order no matter how I try to conform it to their standards. (Who knew you could arrange the words "tall soy chai, no water" a thousand different ways?? Will Shortz, maybe, and I would still be annoyed even though I usually adore his mild-mannered geekiness). I will, however, never be okay with the Nordstrom sales clerk who told Jen, when she asked for a brown boot, "The gray is the brown." Period. Straight face. No irony whatsoever. WHO talks like this? It's ridiculous. The only good part of a statement like that is how it makes me appear far less crazy.

And I will always lose my mind a little bit every time someone says "Nordstroms," so please don't do that. I obviously don't have much mind left to lose...