Monday, August 13, 2007


Yes. It is nearly 5pm PST and I am still in my pajamas. With my hair up in a headband. I have, mercifully, washed the mask from my face and brushed my teeth but otherwise I have foregone the getting dressed & made-up in favor of "cleaning" my house.

And here is how that has gone:
  • Wiped bathroom sink area, including washing and refilling cool new water carafe & glass
  • Dusted dressers, rearranged nightstand objects
  • Vacuumed bedroom
  • Laundry (almost finished!)
  • Scrubbed & filled plastic pool in backyard
  • Moved pile of new stuff out to camping box (and discovered wasp colony building a home in the shed - good news!)
  • Whittled mountain of junk on kitchen counter to a manageable molehill
  • Applied for a job with Camas School District (.2 FTE - I'm not sure exactly how little time that is actually teaching, but I'm game)
  • Put away classroom books & supplies (because when they're completely stored and difficult to get at, I will be offered a job)
  • Attached white board to Mason's bedroom door
  • Wrote to-do lists on kids' white boards
  • Reglued spider onto Mason's water cup
  • Killed actual spider on the wall (then erased his splattered remains)
  • Made name labels for kids' school supplies
  • Listened to every Fountains of Wayne album at not-quite-ear-bleeding volume
  • Labored over what to wear to Thursday's FoW concert
Oh, and checked my e-mail 47 times. Because I'm crazy. And obsessive. They're different things, right?

What I didn't do (besides bathe):
  • Feed my children
  • Refrain from lecturing about manners and critical thinking
I think it's been a good day. Tomorrow I shower. And maybe really clean something.