Monday, August 13, 2007


Yes. It is nearly 5pm PST and I am still in my pajamas. With my hair up in a headband. I have, mercifully, washed the mask from my face and brushed my teeth but otherwise I have foregone the getting dressed & made-up in favor of "cleaning" my house.

And here is how that has gone:
  • Wiped bathroom sink area, including washing and refilling cool new water carafe & glass
  • Dusted dressers, rearranged nightstand objects
  • Vacuumed bedroom
  • Laundry (almost finished!)
  • Scrubbed & filled plastic pool in backyard
  • Moved pile of new stuff out to camping box (and discovered wasp colony building a home in the shed - good news!)
  • Whittled mountain of junk on kitchen counter to a manageable molehill
  • Applied for a job with Camas School District (.2 FTE - I'm not sure exactly how little time that is actually teaching, but I'm game)
  • Put away classroom books & supplies (because when they're completely stored and difficult to get at, I will be offered a job)
  • Attached white board to Mason's bedroom door
  • Wrote to-do lists on kids' white boards
  • Reglued spider onto Mason's water cup
  • Killed actual spider on the wall (then erased his splattered remains)
  • Made name labels for kids' school supplies
  • Listened to every Fountains of Wayne album at not-quite-ear-bleeding volume
  • Labored over what to wear to Thursday's FoW concert
Oh, and checked my e-mail 47 times. Because I'm crazy. And obsessive. They're different things, right?

What I didn't do (besides bathe):
  • Feed my children
  • Refrain from lecturing about manners and critical thinking
I think it's been a good day. Tomorrow I shower. And maybe really clean something.


elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Oh, those are good days. Sort of like when you go to the beach and get all sticky and sweaty and slathered with sand. Makes that clean shower feeling all the more special the next day.

Suzanne said...

I love the occasional cleaning/non-bathing days like that. Sure, you feel a little grungy, but ever so productive! You know I'm REALLY into it the days when I actually scrub shower grout and iron clothes instead of throwing them in the dryer with a damp towel. Go You!

katydidnot said...

I think you should've glued the real spider to Mason's water cup. That would've made the day a real success!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showering today...


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