Sunday, November 11, 2007

brain death imminent

I have been sitting on this couch, in front of TV & laptop, for nearly five hours. I got up to retrieve Paige from her camping trip (she decided to stay at the Homestead without me yesterday), so my lazy ass got a ten minute workout. Otherwise, it's been planted here while my 'Boys win handily, kids play around me, husband brings me pizza I whined for, and the sun sets. I'm in the dark now, too fatigued to flick on the lights. I am updated on today's football highlights and have "researched" IMDb to the point of a mildly thumping headache. You are now reading the words of an expert on: who & what is cool according to Stephen King; the scariest movies according to William Friedkin; the history of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (not really based on a true story) and its actors; the making of The Lovely Bones and how it will differ from the novel; birthdates of and random facts about Daniel Day-Lewis, his wife Rebecca Miller, Jason Miller (no relation to Rebecca) and his son Jason Patric (grandson of Jackie Gleason). Don't ask me how I connected any of those dots.

The bottom line is my butt hurts, my eyes are straining, our laundry is being neglected, I have no clue what we'll eat for dinner tonight or do in class next week, and all for no good reason. I have done exactly ZERO tasks of importance today (beside picking up my daughter but I had to be dragged away from the Cowboys game to do it, and I grouched a little for her to hurry so we could get back. To the couch).

But TOMORROW, tomorrow I have big plans - walking around a lake, chatting with girlfriends, surely there will be snacks and gossip and tea (oh my). Then I'll finish the laundry, figure out dinner menus, and plan some speech & poetry lessons. And achieve world peace.


katydidnot said...

see how my world balances? i usually do NOTHING on sunday, i don't even watch football. but today...cleaned the house (with roomba's help) made corn chowder and banana bread. you are yin to my yang.

katydidnot said...

and did ALL the laundry!

stephanie said...

katy - clearly, you complete me.


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