Saturday, November 10, 2007

date night (not with john whats-his-face)

I am recently back from "camping" (after a brief stopover at the nearby GAP Outlet) and smell like fireplace, little girls, and an unholy mixture of old house & peanut butter. The good news is someone figured out how to turn on the heat so the temperature in the bathrooms was well above 60 degrees this time, and I actually sweated in my sleeping bag and slipper socks last night (so really, part of my stench might be from that as well). I refuse to shower on camping trips because the water is always so cold and I never recover from that discomfort; the grime and work of being outdoors most of the day is bad enough, I don't need an unsettling shower experience on top of it all.

So, point is, I must get clean before I venture out on a DATE with my very own local version of Cute Guy from The Office.

Here are some highlights from the Girl Scout Adventure:
  • This shouted from the backseat in the first ten minutes of our drive - "THANK YOU FOR NOT FARTING!"
  • Playing "The Quiet Game" - 12 seconds of silence followed by soft giggles then "Okay, let's start over;" 8 seconds of silence, giggling, "OKAY, FOR REAL, READY SET" giggle giggle giggle
  • The main Scout leader telling 22 second & third grade girls at 9:15 pm that they weren't even close to needing to go to bed! (WHAT??)
  • 22 girls pounding down the stairs (conveniently located a yard from my sleeping head) at 6:40 am to see a deer out the window (The main leader had told them, around 9:30 pm Friday, they might be able to witness such a scene, first thing in the morning...Again, WTF??)

There really is so much more, but I have to wash some of it away before I can get fun date night stuff like good food & cocktails...