Friday, November 9, 2007

countdown to brownie mania

In 35 minutes, I will be part of a caravan headed for a cabin at the base of Mt. Hood. Our vehicles will be packed with kid-friendly foods, Hello Kitty sleeping gear, and a dozen wiggly second grade girls.

I don't love camping (even in a cabin, because it is perpetually 40 degrees Fahrenheit). There are at least a dozen things I would rather be in the midst of on a Friday night than squealing Brownies. I dread the Girl Scout way of charting chores and singing songs more than the kids do. But I do love my daughter and she wants to go, and she wants me with her. This feeling on her part will not last much longer and all I have to do is look at some of my angry, floundering teenage students to know the right answer right now is "I will be there." As much as it makes my head start to pound, I will drive her up and be a smiling part of the festivities.

The Mom Scout Law:

I will do my best to be
loving & kind
biting my tongue
not too sarcastic
uncomplaining & gracious
responsible for what I shout or throw,
and to
respect my sanity & others'
not buck authority
use time-outs wisely
see the world as a better place, and
be a sista to every Bratz-loving, midriff-baring, sulking scowling Girl Scout.