Wednesday, November 28, 2007

it is TOTALLY going to stick

My son has decided he should be a meteorologist (yes, he used that word; he is a geek-in-training) because he is SURE the very slushy snow falling this evening (really more like thick raindrops) is going to produce a lush blanket of stay-home-from-school by morning. Here is the joy:

And here is the view of our first "snowfall" (you'll want to train your eyes on the blue spots; don't hurt yourself straining):

I think we're sticking with acting lessons for the boy. He can play a meteorologist on TV.


Anonymous said...

The sadness in the morning will be palpable. Maybe The Girl will be too tired from catching the early bus to notice. I predict grousing from The Boy; "it NEVER snows here!"

Mrs. G. said...

I'm with your kid...I am hoping I wake up and we're ass-deep in snow. Is there anything more delicious than an unexpected day way jose.

Wait!!! I think I see a flake!

katydidnot said...

i hope it sticks, i hope it sticks, i hope it sticks...sending all my good snow vibes your way. it degrees here today.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

We are delusional. It didn't stick.

(But wait! The forecast is calling for snow on Saturday, which of course doesn't help on the no-school front...)


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