Thursday, November 29, 2007

seasonal delights

I usually do this at A-Lister, but today it feels better here. I don't know why - recent full moon, end of a trying back-to-school-after-long-break week, day before I get to retreat with my best girlfriends for the weekend...Regardless, enjoy.
  1. Sweaters & gloves back in style
  2. Football
  3. Freshly baked chocolate cookies (they taste better when it's cold outside)
  4. Possibility of snow
  5. Likelihood of snow not staying too long
  6. Christmas music! (My family kind of hates me already...)
  7. Did I say football?
  8. Warm apple cider
  9. Hot cocoa with tiny little marshmallows & whipped cream. And more whipped cream.
  10. The thick scent of piney wreaths and bayberry candles
  11. Performances of A Christmas Carol & The Nutcracker everywhere we go
  12. Bell-ringers who still smile & say "Merry Christmas"
  13. Seeing family during the holidays (I get all Clark Griswold at this time of year...)

More eclecticity at Thursday Thirteen.


Amanda said...

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Looking forward to seeing your blog tag post!

Mrs. G. said...

I woke up so bummed that your son't forecast of snow didn't come to pass. Maybe tomorrow? What's he predicting? I like your list, but I really need a day off so let me know about the snow.

stephanie said...

Mrs. G - Wish I could help you out here. It's weird how last week's break only made us more tired & ready for another, huh? Hang in there; I'll let you know when my boy has another prediction...

katydidnot said...

um...hi there...bah humbug. but you go ahead and enjoy.


Nicholas said...

Scrooge is my hero!!

Reading between the lines,I get he feeling you rather like football, or what I call American football!


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