Friday, November 16, 2007

more thanks

  • Newman's Own Espresso Chocolate Chip cookies, on sale - Glorious Friday afternoon treat
  • Students who get excited about Pink Floyd and poetry
  • A new bigger desk waiting for me, with extra drawers that don't inexplicably lock at inopportune times
  • Two boxes of new chalk (because yes, I have the last chalkboard in an American classroom) found at Goodwill
  • These haiku created by Mason, after only one nuclear meltdown about how HAAARRRRRD!! it would be to write them:

We were very scared,
on the dark Halloween night,
with ghosts everywhere.

White as the moonlight,
they cried out into the night
to their demon friends.

We were exhausted
when we got back to our homes,
and went to our beds.

And so off I go to my bed, exhausted (but not very scared). Be well.