Friday, November 16, 2007


I know, there should be no heartache on a Friday evening. So much hope and freedom a Friday brings - it's time to forget about school and think about all the footloose woooooohooooo that is possible for two days. There should be dancing and cheering.

Yet I am feeling drained. My hair is so straight and patently uninspired it makes me sad just thinking about it, much less witnessing it in the mirror. I haven't taken off my coat since I got home, nearly two hours ago, simply because the closet feels far away. I've spoken perhaps 10 words to my kids, and most of them had to do with getting off the computer and doing something constructive (ha). I'm supposed to be preparing dinner for those kids so my man & I can hit the town. In an hour. Our cat's litter box is making my eyes water but I can't find the garbage can we empty it into, and I'm too frickin' lazy at this point to bring the rolling one around. I won't look directly at the mess that is my kitchen. I'm trying not to panic about getting this house cleaned before my parents & cousin arrive Wednesday. I don't know yet if the Cowboys/Redskins game is going to be televised this Sunday.

Calgon, take me away! But then I'd have to clean the bathtub...