Wednesday, November 28, 2007

selective love

I only became a lover of Ludacris (figuratively, of course) in the last few years. When I saw him in Crash and then Hustle & Flow, mm mm mmm. I mean, he's a good actor. I was intrigued, did a little background checking. Essentially, I have decided to adore the maturing performer with the hot lava voice who runs an organization to help young people make smarter decisions. This guy:

And I am turning a blind eye to the juvenile gangsta whose newsletter is called "Word of Mouf" (I can't even say that out loud; I'm far too white) and who has album covers that look like this:

Granted it was from some years ago, but frankly not enough.
And so. This is all I've got. Peace out.


Anonymous said...


Mrs. G. said...

He was so wonderful in Crash...grrrr.

stephanie said...

Thank you for having my back, husband :)

Mrs. G - Growling! Wow, I thought you only reserved that for Johnny D.


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