Monday, December 17, 2007

may i be frank?

This is a good news/bad news post. If you're an eternally bright & peppy optimist (or, as I might call you in my current state, "A ray of f*cking sunshine"), you may want to skip the bolded black BAD NEWS parts. Just a little heads-up.

GOOD NEWS: I did not, ultimately, injure my child in any physical way this morning.
BAD NEWS: There will likely be hundreds of hours worth of emotional scarring to talk about later.

GOOD NEWS: The profanity I unleashed during this morning's Insane-A-Thon was not of the George Carlin forbidden variety.
BAD NEWS: It will still, undoubtedly, be repeated at the most inopportune moment (I'm putting my money on in front of my mom, our pastor, or a teacher who already dislikes my kid).

GOOD NEWS: I did not cry in front of any of my classes.
BAD NEWS: I did have one hitched-breath moment, stinging eyes, a couple of deep breathing exercises, and an extended period of sitting in front of my computer playing at after announcing I was "DONE" with one group of students.

GOOD NEWS: So far, I have not been fired.
BAD NEWS: It's only Monday.

GOOD NEWS: Pretty sure insurance will pay for everyone's therapy.
BAD NEWS: I can't find the recommended doctor's number, plus the thought of adding one more scheduled anything to my life makes me even more anxious...

Let's finish on a high note, how about?

BAD NEWS: One of my more content moments this afternoon involved a vision of me being one of those women who enjoys a cocktail (or 5) at 4 pm.
GOOD NEWS: Teachers do not make enough money to indulge in that kind of behavior.

(And, of course, BEST NEWS: My man, children, and God are forgiving and good. Amen to that).


Anonymous said...

I'm just pouring you a glass of wine and standing back.

Mrs. G. said...

Good news: This is my favorite post of yours. Ever. You hit all the right notes and your dry wit stung just right. Thank God there are teachers like you out and about in the world.

Bad news: None to speak of...except the insomnia...but vacation is only a day away.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Can I pour you a cup of tea? Steal you away?

Sounds like it was a crappy Monday. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, Ok?

Linda said...

I so admire teachers - good teachers, and I know you're a good one because of what you say - yes even this! It has to get really bad... keep your chin up, or a stiff upper lip, (or a stiff drink in your desk drawer!) Let it fly in here.

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Frank, I'm really sorry yo had a bad day.

katydidnot said...

how are the cowboys doing? winning and stuff? maybe christian bale will release a new movie TODAY and maybe FOW will finally return your emails. here's to a few of your favorite things.

be well cyber bff.

Anonymous said...

excellent post, I hope you will always be frank. I have had one of those weeks myself. I hear you and raise you a double.

Merry Christmas,

Jen Beatty said...

even the die-hard optimist (me) would side with you on every situation

stephanie said...

Wow, bad news travels fast (so many comments on this one!), but I'm glad the back-up travels just as speedily. Thanks to all of you - I'M O-KAY! I will post soon all the goodness that comes with winter break...

(Special thanks to all the offers of drinks...Not sure exactly what that says about me, but I'll take it anyway).



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