Tuesday, January 22, 2008

and the nominees are...

...as usual, a little perplexing. Every single year, no matter how often I see movies (each weekend for twelve months straight?), it ends up that I've seen exactly TWO of the five nominated for Best Picture. I never get it right. I try try try to avoid cramming viewings into the four weeks between nominations and the awards show, but no. The Academy always wants to prove I am a moviegoing moron.

I will go on at length later (shocked?), but for now let me express my displeasure at the omission of these actors in leading & supporting roles: Russell Crowe (3:10 to Yuma), Ryan Gosling (Lars and the Real Girl), James McAvoy (Atonement). And not just because they're cute, geez. How shallow do you think I am?



Mrs. G. said...

I love this. I think you should host your own little Oscar ceremony this year. Nominations, fashion, you name it. Was Christian Bale nominated? If not he was robbed too.

katydidnot said...

i'm not sure which is ryan and which is james, but i know which is russell, and he should've won for a beautiful mind...actually, maybe he did, can't wait for the going on and on part.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have (childless) friends who, every year on the weekend after the nominations, go see all the best picture nominated movies they haven't yet seen.

I want to be them one day.


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