Monday, January 21, 2008

stupid bowl

I cannot remember ever not wanting to watch the Super Bowl, until now. I abhor the New England Patriots for numerous reasons - paranoid coach who spies (truly spies, with secret cameras and everything), elitist attitude about their 18-0 record (whatever), and a pretty boy quarterback who left his pregnant girlfriend for a supermodel. AND they're an AFC team. Blech.

But the New York Giants? Double blech. Of course I'm having sour grapes because they beat my 'boys out of the playoffs (*sob*), but beyond that? Their little pretty boy quarterback is the one who whined and cried and called his daddy when the San Diego Chargers wanted to (and did) draft him, and he behaves like a frightened rabbit on the field, it's embarrassing to any football fan. They barely, bumblingly beat Green Bay and denied Brett Favre one last Super Bowl; I would gladly have cheered for the Pack, especially against the Patriots. But the Giants are in the Cowboys' division - I WILL NOT root for them. I think the Dallas police would revoke my team shirts (and underwear) if I did so.

Plus, these teams have the same colors! Is that even allowed? This will be the stupidest game ever. I'll be in my room.