Monday, January 14, 2008

best man ever

I would like to bestow upon my long-suffering husband (the football widower) the title of Sir Stu the Magnanimous for putting up with the following from me for 18+ years:
  • Mood swings the like to make one dizzy, if not frightened for one's life
  • A deep love for the music of Gershwin, Rick Springfield, and Dolly Parton
  • Maniacal devotion (see "hysteria") to the Dallas Cowboys
  • Broadway shows, adored at a fever pitch (e.g., I still cry about Miss Saigon, I obsessed over Sir Lancelot at the Portland production of Camelot, and sang along to every song in Mamma Mia!)
  • Stalking Keeping current with Fountains of Wayne
  • Pictures of Potential Second Husbands ripped from magazines and posted on bulletin boards
  • And glued into notebooks
  • And slid into the clear-view sections of binders
  • The "vague sense of dissatisfaction" that plagues Virgos - leading to changing purses, sheets, towels, and home decor each season
  • An affinity for tote bags and baskets
  • Having to load the dishwasher, arrange remotes in the drawer, sort laundry, and drive anywhere in particular ways
  • My stink face when asked to share a dessert or move a quarter inch on the couch
  • Requests (that possibly maybe sound rather like demands) to bring me: a blanket, a book, a drink, chocolate, popcorn, slippers at any given time
  • Pleas to visit Disneyland every year & a half

Thank you, my gallant knight, for all of your efforts appease and/or ignore my craziness. You are more perfect than any of the imaginary boyfriends I've had.

Check out that accommodating, enduring look...It says, "Please, God, let me at least get a back rub out of this."


Anonymous said...

Thank you my Love. Do you need money?

I'm sure I have some oddities, I just can't think of any right now ;)

Well, there is that Male Pattern Blindness that keeps me from finding anything in the cupboards by myself.


katydidnot said...

he's pretty ok, huh? glad you finally won something stu (who is always honored just to be nominated).

Mrs. G. said... far as I'm concerned Stu might be the second sweetest husband in the world.

Anonymous said...

Are there women without an affinity for totebags and baskets?

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

And don't forget he babysits kids when Jen and I are husbandless and the movie theatre/bar calls our name.

That's super good stuff.

(Maybe I should write nice things about Greg.)

Suzanne said...

Gershwin, Rick Springfield, and Dolly Parton? Wow, he is a saint. :)

I'm a Pisces, and I also rearrange everything seasonally. Drives my husband crazy...


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