Tuesday, January 15, 2008

late start

You may recall I wrote some goals for this year. If we were to check in on how those are going, I would receive a - well, let's do the math. There were 11 items; I have consistently done exactly three. That would give me a sickly 27%, making me more of a slacker than my students who have been absent 18 times this quarter. Wow.

Here is the one I have failed at miserably - it also happens to be one of the more urgent to-dos (next to not having a heart attack due to inactivity): Wake & go to bed at regular, reasonable times (i.e. more than an hour before school starts and well ahead of midnight, respectively). Today was no exception. I got out of bed just after 7 am, which technically is more than an hour before my class starts, but the point was to be Ready Mom (think Donna Reed with an iPod) when the kids get on the bus, well-fed & brushed & smelling clean. Then I could leisurely write a post or read new blogs (Resolutions #2 & 3), light a candle & enjoy some tea (#5 & 7), or even head to school early. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance (for example, milk spilled over an entire counter along with papers to be turned in, a chapter book, and a pair of glasses, or the kids' school district starting two hours late while my own district was on time - these are completely hypothetical, of course), I would be able to handle such a situation without having an aneurysm.

Tomorrow is another day.