Sunday, March 30, 2008

guess who's hot? but not really

Not to brag or anything (okay, yes, to brag) but the Treasurelicious website has me in their scroll bar of Who's Hot - you should go there right this instant so as not to miss me. Or maybe I'm the only one who cares; do what you want. But the other cool thing is that right above & below me are fellow Portland-area blogesses, Cami Kaos and Miss Burrows (who, by the way, haven't yet DEMANDED that Fountains of Wayne come to town; I know this because the 3 people who have are me and people related to me. And they think I'm kind of pathetic, which I suppose rather diminishes my hotness quotient).

Moving on. If you've looked at my very HOT list of treasures, you'll notice Franco Sarto shoes (alongside the much-maligned Crocs; I ignore all the haters with sore feet). They are always of superb quality and are quite comfortable for a dressy shoe. I have been fortunate to be able to feed my addiction find them at Nordstrom Rack as well as many Goodwill stores. My latest discovery worthy of a public happy dance are these snazzy Mary Janes:

Only $4.99! See how they love me?

I wore them out on the town for Stu's birthday celebration. I love that sassy little flare at the bottom of the chunky heel. I think they'll look particularly adorable with a skirt, when it stops SNOWING here. My feet froze a bit last night in the name of fashion.

We went to Bluehour for drinks & appetizers before dinner. I took notes:

Because that's what geeky blogging English teachers do when they go out. The 'Sunny Day' was their specialty cocktail and it was fantastic - a Lemon Drop with a splash of orange juice and vanilla vodka; note I was tempted to order it for infinity.

The bathroom had an opaque door and was nearly pitch dark inside - clearly the typical clientele likes to maintain an illusion of looking good, because you couldn't possibly touch up make-up or fish spinach out of your teeth in there. I'm not sure why there was even a mirror (spanning the entire wall across from the toilet, by the way).

But the food was delicious (they had fried olives! For $1!) and filling, without draining our bank account. My best friend Jen & I contemplated the mysterious ball of cheese on the Butcher's Board; our contemplation turned into a bit of a competitive argument. It looked like mozzarella but had very little flavor. Jen maintained that is what fresh mozzarella tastes like but I said I had tasted fresh mozzarella before. Finally we asked a waiter who explained it was a house-made mozzarella (he was then rather rudely interrupted by Jen's victorious HA!) or 'burrata,' which is a type of mozzarella but sort of different, and so I claimed partial rightness. That is how I play. Surprising I have any friends at all, really.

This morning we had massages in our hotel room (oh the decadence). I was afraid my masseuse would refuse service to my icy corpse-like feet but she was gracious and wonderful. Then my man & I set out for the Portland Saturday Market, which is typically a delightful way to spend a spring afternoon in the Pacific Northwest. But today? It was barely 50 degrees with sprinkling rain and a zany burst of HAIL. Grrr. And any other day in the market I see at least four stalls selling funky handknit gloves, but today? Nada. Though the atmosphere is always a treat and there are lots of cool treasures, I had to keep moving briskly in order to maintain my hotness.