Monday, March 31, 2008

sweet sweet nostalgia

The beloved (and WW rebel) Mrs. G recently went down a sugar-coated tangent about her favorite childhood treats, and I could not resist doing the same. (I really hope she subscribes to the "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" school rather than the "You're a copycat hack who'd better step off" philosophy. We'll soon see).

Here are some of my favorite decidedly not organic/sugar-free/trans fat-free/what the hell's high fructose corn syrup anyway? modified chemical reactant foods from life in the 70s & 80s.

This one was a little frustrating figuring out how to pronounce - was I supposed to say the U like "you" and make it a fun, winkwink nudgenudge inside joke? (And if so, what should I know??) Or go bilingual with it? Regardless, it was delicious with the tiny specks of nuts in the creamy chocolate center.

Mary Jane - it's a smart-looking shoe and a delicious molasses & peanut butter let's-pull-out-our-fillings treat. And when you introduce them to teenagers for a sensory writing assignment, you remember it's also a fun nickname for a particular smokable item and hilarity ensues.

I'm not sure I really loved the flavor of Squirt so much, but every few weeks I got to go with my grandpa to pick up pop [this is what Northwest people call it, because 'soda' is something else entirely; however, I will fight this battle another day] for the machine in his wrecking yard. Coke & Dr. Pepper were actually my favorites but I liked to mix up the look of the bottle caps peeking from their little pockets so I would pick out some orange (which I hated) & grape (double blech) Fanta, and the bright happy yellow-capped Squirt. What?

This product brought me into my own. I was not an athlete (surprise!) and had no real visible talents other than raising my hand with the right answer, which I tried not to do very often because, well, I was trying to avoid the Nerd Girl label (didn't work). Anyway. Blowing giant bubbles that obscured my face proved too easy; it was the bubble-in-a-bubble-in-a-bubble that made me a legend [in my own mind].And then these. I realize my profession of love for chocolate has become legendary, but the vanilla-flavored Tootsie Roll is a heavenly delight. I will steal them from my children's Halloween buckets.

Mrs. G & I share the fondness for Bit-O-Honey (but only when I couldn't get Mary Janes) and Tang, though I totally wanted to drink it because of the astronauts.

So you know, also? I am not a completely cruel nut who won't let my children experience the decadence of horrific foods - they have been allowed to partake of radioactive powder in a pouch Fun Dip, precursor of radioactive powder, in a paper tube Pixie Sticks, and even *gasp* don't eat them with Coke or your stomach will blow up! nuggets Pop Rocks. I'm not quite ready for this nonsense though. I think I'd rather them have a pack of these babies in their back pockets: