Saturday, March 1, 2008

Guest Post #1

Well ladies and gentlemen, you may notice this post does not have the normal witty Bad Momness this blog usually possesses. That's because this is actually Bad Dad pinch hitting this evening.

Stephanie has 'recovered' from being sick and has been hinting at getting back to more normal 'the-kids-are-in-bed' evenings. There was even a trip to Victoria's Secret by The Woman today. I got the kids in bed, went upstairs to pitch a little woo (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and was greeted by a 99% asleep, fully dressed wife, curled up in bed. At 8 pm.

Me: "So, I guess we're not making out tonight?"
Bad Mom: "hmphhh, huhh? No, but I need you to post for me"
Me: "So, we are not making out?"
BM: "You need to post for me."
Me: "Is 'post' secret code for making out?"
BM: "no"
Me: "shit"

So here I am. Typing. Normally I am on the comment side of all of your blogs so my smart ass quips can be short and sweet. I am not much of a typist and am much better in the moment of a conversation (go ahead, buy me a drink sometime and put me to the test). I am more of a stand-up than an author. I am impressed by all of you that can lay down paragraph after paragraph of worthwhile reading.

Well, I have satisfied my requirement of a post. I think I'll try to wake up The Woman, wish me luck, or her, depending on who's side you are on.....