Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i'm in the mood for...history

Hola, mi nobio Mexicano.

Hola, mi amor.

(Okay, my Spanish is limited to terms of endearment; we're switching to English)

Why do you look so sad, Gael?

I am missing you terribly. You haven't watched any of my movies in so long.

You're right, darling. I will put on Y Tu Mama Tambien The Motorcycle Diaries tonight...

Ah, muy bien. That will make me very happy.

That is all I want, darling. You are all I want tonight.

What about your husband?

He's away on business.

And the grocery store clerk?

I've been barred from Wild Oats...

Como triste.

Well, yes, it is sad. But I still have you.

Si, si. You do.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Puede usted decir "la parte?"

Anonymous said...

You better wait to watch Y Tu Mama Tambien until I get home. I don't need you making an emergency trip to Wild Oats and attacking your clerk at the bus stop.


dkuroiwa said... (she whispered, fanning herself, even though the air in the room was quite cool)
Must run to DVD rental shop NOW!!!

~michelle said...

you have drop to a new level of crazy.... do you need my pills?! :p

Anonymous said...

I love how scandalized Michelle is with all of this...

I don't think it is the subject, it is that it is public knowledge.


John-Michael said...

And the song lyric "Wishin', an Hopin', an Thinkin', an Prayin' echoes in my mind. Followed by "Let it be ... " and A Dream is a wish that your heart makes"

Hey ... I could do the soundtrack to your fantasies! That would be such a cool collaboration, Stephanie! My music themes could give you that extra little nudge to send you tumbling across that line of .......

(Just a thought ... love ya!)

Suzanne said...

When the cat's away, the mice will play. And I mean one english speaking mouse and one spanish speaking mouse... and the english speaking mouse doesn't actually travel in the same social rodent circles as the spanish speaking mouse, but it pretends that it does, and... ummm... I may have just really over-thought that analogy.

Very Mary said...

I had plans to leave a witty comment, but Suzanne beat the pants off anything I could have come up with. Well-played Suzanne. y Caliente Mama? Me gusta.

Moxy Jane said...

HEY! Step away from Gael right now, missy! Actually, it is good to see him again as I have sorely neglected him of late, which is the real reason he's looking so sad. Lo siento, mama de mal. You're just gonna have to keep sowing your wild oats elsewhere (HAR!).

holly said...

oh i loved this. you are delightfully nutty.

i *have* seen this film. i remember very little of it except that it was the one film i stopped multi-tasking during. (usually i don't watch a movie without *also* doing something else at the same time.


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