Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i'm in the mood for...history

Hola, mi nobio Mexicano.

Hola, mi amor.

(Okay, my Spanish is limited to terms of endearment; we're switching to English)

Why do you look so sad, Gael?

I am missing you terribly. You haven't watched any of my movies in so long.

You're right, darling. I will put on Y Tu Mama Tambien The Motorcycle Diaries tonight...

Ah, muy bien. That will make me very happy.

That is all I want, darling. You are all I want tonight.

What about your husband?

He's away on business.

And the grocery store clerk?

I've been barred from Wild Oats...

Como triste.

Well, yes, it is sad. But I still have you.

Si, si. You do.