Thursday, April 10, 2008

my inner teen is grounded

I am nearly done with [telling you about] the cute checker crush, partly because I imagine you're getting very jealous bored and also, I am concerned that the more I gush over him, the more likely it is he'll show up to enroll at my school next quarter. God in Heaven, I swear that is not even remotely funny.

So here is the last thing I will torture you with [probably]. I thought this was a pointedly hilarious question in a survey I took this afternoon:

From the list below, what is the ONE quality that your favorite grocery store offers that matters most to you? (Select one)
  1. Good prices/reward program
  2. Great selection
  3. Attractive/well-kept surroundings
  4. Convenience
  5. Friendly service
  6. Emphasis on healthy foods and nutrition
  7. Additional services available (i.e., pharmacy, bank, coffee shop, hot young checkers*)

I giggled at each answer, particularly #6 (the one I chose), because honestly. Whole Foods can devolve into a Wal*Mart/McDonald's and if the hottie worked there, I'd be selling my consumer soul. Unless he becomes one of my students and then frick. Pray for me.

*Um. I added that one.