Sunday, April 20, 2008

insert awesome photos here

I have some great shots to share from our trip so far - an airport pick-up sign for a surprising visitor to Sin City; the pretend sky in Caesar's Palace; cup holders in the women's restroom stall; my fan-freaking-tastic new Ed Hardy tennis shoes; and me + a boy so hot I almost forgot about my checker. And my husband, who was actually taking the picture. But they are all trapped on our camera because we didn't grab the dock before bolting to the airport yesterday. So I am sorry, you'll have to wait until Monday afternoon to see proof of what is happening in Vegas.

But I will say my headache has been managed pretty well by an ongoing regimen of painkillers and lots of water [instead of booze]; the bunions have been quieted; a suitable but not outrageously expensive solution was found for the wedding outfit dilemma; I have not spent a cent on gambling; and we have big plans for the rollercoaster tomorrow.

Some fun highlights (other than the super-fine item I petted & posed with after Zumanity, and my new shoes):
  • A sleeping dude at Starbucks this morning
  • Sneaking oranges out of the Bellagio buffet
  • A pop-up stage at Fashion Show Mall
  • The Zumanity goat-man crawling up and growling at my feet
  • Making fun of oxygen bars and the people who patronize them
  • Touching $225 dresses
  • Getting carded at Coyote Ugly (okay, so they card everyone; whatever)
And I'm only telling you all this because we are paying $13.99 to have Internet access until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, so I must post as much nonsense as I can to get the cost per word down to a reasonable price. I think it's worth it now. If only I could have gotten those photos on here...