Tuesday, April 1, 2008

random real life coolness

This week is my Spring Break and in between bouts of screwing around & wasting time diligently grading work & preparing lessons, I've explored the vast expanse of utter coolness & irresistible crapticality on the Internet.

Things I've found or been directed to that I must share (Part One, I'm sure):

Dr. Ilan Mitchell-Smith - Certainly he would be horrified to know I've posted anything about him here because he is now a grown-up professor guy and not the sweet-faced Wyatt/mad crush of mine from Weird Science (though he's still a cutie). Yet I out him anyway, because I'm selfish when it comes to a blog scoop. (And I'm a little grouchy that I can't take his Medieval literature class). [Quick back story - I'm showing the movie version of The Chocolate War next week (permission slips going out Monday!), which he stars in, and I got caught up in the rabbit hole of clicking links until I discovered what he's up to these days. My God I'm nosy. And easily distracted].
I totally heart you.

Making Fun is Fun! - A fellow teacher (thanks, Monica!) alerted me to Stuff White People Like and I've been poring over it, trying to find the areas where I don't actually match the stereotype. But...Gay friends? Love them. San Francisco? Can't wait to go again. Whole Foods/Wild Oats? My dedication is legendary, if not pathetic. Oscar Parties? Umm. It's a tad disheartening, yet I'm still strangely attracted to the site. Which is probably yet another White Person tendency...

Site Most Likely to Cause My Divorce - There is just so much to know in the world! Oddee is designed for obsessive-compulsive info whores like me; it shamelessly feeds my list-junkie habit. I might never get out alive.

To Establish My Ultimate Geektitude - I give you MoOM, the Museum of Online Museums. Seriously. Courtesy of Very Short List (another reliable source for finding all kinds of things you never knew you were missing), and one of the first places I saw was THIS: the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam! Where I will be this summer! It's so kismet, I know! Now if I can figure out how to get their cool widget on here...

Do tell what your favorite time-wasters educational endeavors are. Because I should have a free hour any day now.