Tuesday, May 27, 2008

big ideas; requires a poll

Apropos of nothing (other than the mind-numbing business of counting down days until school is out), I have decided that I want to watch an entire series of something this summer. For a daily brain candy-indulgence, social & cultural enlightenment, and also a twisted sense of accomplishment.

I thought about "Sex and the City" because who doesn't want to be on that outrageous, glamorous bandwagon? But the answer is 'me.' I think I would just depress myself, coming to obvious terms with my lack of outrageous glamorousness.

So here are my top choices [I'm selecting just one series, because I truly do not want to be glued to the TV all day for two & a half months; just every weeknight]:
  • "Northern Exposure" - Part of the "Sex..." appeal was the appearance of adorable Cicely DJ Chris

  • "Angel" - Love "Buffy," it seems I should see the rest of the story (nothing to do with James Marsters as Spike of course)

  • "Deadwood" - I do love those cowboys...

  • "Oz" - It got so much buzz for being gritty & real; I might be feeling gritty this summer

So please exercise your right to vote on this very important issue (and there is always the write-in option, in case I've grossly ignored something extraordinary). You can use the official poll in the sidebar or just leave a comment. I love comments.

I appreciate your indulgence, and your patience with my vapid demeanor of late. [13 days]