Wednesday, May 28, 2008

readers who rock

You guys are freakin' amazing. And here I thought I would lose people because I'm moaning about what TV to watch this summer. But clearly I'm not alone in this train of thought. Here are some responses to what has been said so far:

"Weeds" was suggested by many (the most surprising, frankly, being Jenn who I previously believed might be scandalized by the show) but, like my bff Lisa said, my everyday school life is infected with this theme and I want to get away from the pot-talk [not to be confused with potty talk] for awhile.

Speaking of potty talk, I have indeed heard "Deadwood" is full of profanity (I especially love that my baby sister is warning me, the almost-40 alternative high school teacher who has been known to turn a foul phrase now & then). But I can handle it for the 'boys of the wild West. This remains a contender.

Still loving the idea of "Northern Exposure" with all its [pretend - I actually ate lunch at the cafe in Roslyn] Alaskan wintery-ness in the midst of summer. It was just so delightful.

I entertained "Six Feet Under" for a minute but am not sure facing death everyday is something I look forward to this summer. Will ponder.

"Dexter" definitely intrigues, even though it also revolves around killing & death and stuff. Pondering.

Something about "The Gilmore Girls" just never clicked with me; no matter what I saw or read in People and US, I did not care. I probably have a defect; sorry Girl Next Door & daughter.

Same with "The X-Files" - a few episodes were interesting but I never fell in love with Scully or Mulder (in fact, I had to look up their names on Wikipedia and wasn't even sure which was which; please don't hate).

I can't believe I forgot about "The Sopranos." Definitely high on the list thanks to my goombahs Brandy and Lisa.

And, hello?? The series produced by my favorite Second Husband and starring many, many hot young men - how did I leave out "Entourage"? There is something wrong with me; thank you, DoggyDidIt. We might have a winner.

So how horrible a wife/mom/teacher would I be to pick, say, two or three series to watch during my break? Hmmm. I kind of hate myself for spending this much time even talking about it. Tune in next time...