Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guest Post #2

That's right folks, I'm back for another "I'm too tired, can you post for me?" post. I tried to convince The Woman that she really does not need a post every day, to which she plopped the laptop into my lap and said "post something and be nice".

I have noticed a theme in several of the recent comments, that show a certain concern that Stephanie is some sort of Cougar/lush/looking-for-an-affair sort of gal. I just wanted to confirm these fears are totally true...

I am kidding. My wife and I have a solid marriage and I have never had any reason to doubt her intentions in almost 19 years of being together. She loves to talk (a lot) and ends up chatting with lots of people. When she drinks she talks more. And, if you are going to have a conversation with someone, you want to pick the cute ones right?

She works hard to be a good mom/teacher/wife and I am glad she gets to go out and whoop it up from time to time whether it is with me or friends.

As for the grocery boy; Stephanie has had clippings of cute guys from magazines and movie posters since I have known her. She has always been able to spot the cute guy in the crowd, but she always stands by me. She is a good wingman.

I know, not my usual total smart ass style, but I'll save that for when I comment on your blog.

-Bad Dad