Saturday, May 17, 2008

ocd vs. carefree fun

I think the painful crick in my neck is a result of me carefully avoiding looking directly at the abject slovenliness all around our home. This is the real reason I'm counting the days until summer - frankly, I can handle the everyday nuttiness of teenagers far more gracefully than the reality that my house is becoming a pit of despair. Day 1 of summer vacation = Operation Organization. (Okay, that's Day 2. Day 1 is lunch and/or mayhem with local blogging friends).

I know, feminist-NOW-hear me roar friends, the man in my life is capable of helping out. But the truth is, I would rather he didn't enter my domain because I have particular ways of doing the things I do. And if someone tries to lend a hand, I must try to explain those particular ways and then I just sound CRAZY. It makes perfect sense to me, even if I get a little grouchy when I can't get everything done just so.

All this to say, I am giddy with joy that in three hours our kids are going to be whisked away by their grandpa. Stu & I are going to Portland for the day (and night!), and I am going to try my hardest to NOT think about the house or school or anything mundane the entire time. I hope I don't bust a blood vessel.