Sunday, May 18, 2008

portlandish behavior

Stu drove us in the Cobra because - surprise! - it was sunny this weekend.
I know most of the United States understands that it's almost summer, but the Pacific Northwest has always been a bit rebellious about the seasons.

Over the river and across the bridge(s)

into Portland we went.

Here is a couch in our hotel room that we never used but isn't it super cute?!
Adorable kitchenette, also never used.
But I looked through all the cupboards anyway and kind of wished I felt like baking something.

It was really hot and we had to walk a bunch of blocks to our massage.

But we stopped on the way back for iced coffee & a crepe with bacon.
Everything's better with bacon.

There was a garage sale RIGHT NEXT TO OUR HOTEL!
I got a stack of Thrasher magazines [FOR FREE!] for my boy students and a cornucopia of Sharpies in every color.

Stu had to hold all the Thrasher magazines, and wait in the sun.

We changed into our very fancy "going out" clothes to hit as many Happy Hours as humanly possible. (Only two, as it turns out).

Then this morning? The angels sang.
Seriously, there was some kind of "Hallelujah" music playing when we went into the store.
My cupcake was like a piece of heaven.
And there was much rejoicing.


CamiKaos said...

cupcake envy is INTENSE.

katydidnot said...

okay, a couple of things:

1. pigs don't think everything is better with bacon.

2. sharpies and thrasher magazines. alright, if you say so.

what is that hotel? and no dive bars?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Leave it to the vegetarian to bag on bacon; don't listen to her!

~Swankymama said...

Oh how fun!!! I love those kind of weekends!

Hum, now I want a BLT.

Unknown said...

ooohhhh send me a cupcake, I love cupcakes....I wanna cupcake!!!

brandy101 said...


And, um, we had to wear long pants and coats, (yeah, I said COATS) here today because it was so chilly.

Some of us throughout the insane climate varieties of the US haven't taken off our snow tires yet, let alone put the tops down on our convertibles! ;)

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I love Portlandish behavior, complete with orange slices and bars.

Glad you had a great weekend.

dkuroiwa said...

Seriously didn't think you could get any cooler and bring out....the Cobra...convertible....damn.

mmmmm cupcakes....or a cheesy muffin with bacon...ooh, now I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow...thanks!

scargosun said...

Where is that cute hotel? I especially enjoyed the sad face/happy face lemon rind. :)

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Don't lie. You used that couch and kitchen just not for their intended purpose.

Anonymous said...

Putting CREPES and BACON together...well... I might have just exploded on the spot.

Lia Hollander said...

bad mom! how dare you go to Portland without consulting Cami and I! boo! hiss!

stephanie said...

Cami: Envy is a sin. Eating cupcakes is not; I will call you to join me next time :)

Katy: You will be horrified by what I eat at BlogHer, but I won't bring any Thrasher mags. The hotel is the Inn at Northrup Station; I'll try to add a link. No dive bars [this time]

Jenn: I KNOW, huh? Not listening to her...

Denise: Go for it. I think the pigs are happy to sacrifice for us.

TDDI: I will try to send some. They are magnificent. (Or you can come up & I will take you there)

Brandy: Heavens. I guess I will truly count my blessings with the sun.

Lisa: You & Greg must come with us sometime. You can opt out of photos if you'd like, but it's always fun.

Debbie: I'm even cooler now? Awesome! Stu built that Cobra - does that give us even more points? It's a beauty.

Scargosun: It's a fun place in NW Portland. I'll add a link.

Tootsie: That would be scandalous. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Manager: Seriously, it was an amazing dish.

AR: I thought about it but it was our anniversary...Next time, for sure. I'll buy you extra drinks & cupcakes for your heartache.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Did you get bacon cupcakes? Wouldn't that be delicious?

Sounds like a divine time. Yay!

Janet said...

!!!crepe with bacon!!!

sissy said... are so stinkin cute I could kill myself. Adorable. BTW, love Cobra's. I'm jealous. Ugh...I'm a sinner!! Envy, jealousy... what's next??


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