Saturday, June 7, 2008

all over the place

Hold on tight, I've got a bunch of unrelated things to say. (As opposed to all the other times when I have totally coherent trains of thought). Enjoy.

Carnival vs. Art Show: All good as I dropped off the silent auction stuff at the elementary school early - a bunch of very kind parents offered to help tape descriptions to baskets, nobody was asking me to do anything else, I was avoiding making eye contact with anyone who might need to ask a "quick question about PTA." But then, four baskets showed up that were not included on my list, so they didn't have printed descriptions or bid sheets. OCD flare-up! No time to go home and make new ones; handwriting them would be tacky (in my deranged mind, but that was the only one I could access). AGGGGH. I felt like the ants in A Bug's Life when the leaf falls in front of them - PANIC! What to do? Time ticking...Luckily the principal calmly offered to photocopy some bid sheets and I could change them to reflect the new baskets. Not OCD ideal - I'd have to scribble and handwrite some of it - but certainly a reasonable solution. However, that job took 20 minutes (all the kind parents were now enjoying the carnival with their kids) and when I finished, I still hadn't gotten extra cash for Stu. When I found him to ask if he could take care of that on his own because I had to go, I realized it was almost 6:00 and my musician students would all be finished by the time I arrived at the art show. I actually started to sob & squeak, which confused my poor husband but he gallantly led me quickly to the car and made appropriate soothing sounds and did not try to offer solutions.(Yay, marriage group!)

Art Show: I made it in time to see one group of boys perform. They played a few acoustic guitar pieces; it was a side of them I don't get to see at school, and it was a delight. I did not cry. In front of them. Here they are:

I can't wait to say "I knew them when..."

Garage Saling: BFF Jen & I went out at the crack of too-early to get some good stuff (mainly hunting for kids' pajamas and bookshelves/baskets for my classroom; it's wise to have at least a tiny hint of a plan) at a nearby neighborhood sale. Mother Nature could not decide if she wanted rain or not, but she was definitely set on FRIGID. Whatever; we are warriors for the bargain. We found gobs of great kid clothes (I scored big on the pjs, including a Mom-of-the-Year-worthy camouflage robe for Mason), some cool magnetic boards, and a big radiant heater thing for $5 in case my classroom gets to subzero again next winter. Or next week, as things seem to be going...

Date Night: Tonight we are going out to celebrate good friend/neighbor Dave's birthday and I have not yet a) showered or b) figured out how to get the kids & babysitter fed or c) put together Dave's gift. We leave in 50 minutes. Gotta go.