Sunday, June 8, 2008


The lovely & delightful Restless Housewife posted this meme for all comers, and as I am in brain-sludge mode [5 more days] it is PERFECT.

5 Things in My Bag (which I'm assuming is equivalent to a purse):

  1. a stolen complimentary orange ballpoint pen from BlueHour
  2. iPod with funky polka dot protective covering
  3. lots of coupons
  4. best calendar/organizer EVER, in chocolate
5 Things in My Room:
  1. books
  2. Susan Branch calendar
  3. chocolate
  4. lots of pillows
  5. Lane cedar chest full of old cards and stuff
5 Things I Have Always Wanted To Do:
  1. Visit Amsterdam
  2. Be a cartoon voice
  3. Go to Ireland
  4. Plan meals & cook well
  5. Ride all the greatest rollercoasters
5 Things I Am Currently Into:
  1. blogging, of course
  2. still trying to do The Compact
  3. Goodwill foraging
  4. creating a massive (but fun and not-crazy) list of tasks for the summer
  5. getting a tattoo, probably like this between my shoulder blades:

Idea from my little sis; image from I-don't-know-where

What say you? Give us your goods.